GIRLHOOD Features Original Songs by:

Dylan MarcAurele • Marilyn Campbell-Lowe • Paris the WeirdKid • Deborah Berenson • Lara Filip • Aaron Latina • Tia DeShazor • Holly Reed • Kelvin Reed • Annie Pulsipher • Keaton Wooden • Jan Roper • Andy Roninson • Joan Bauer • Jeff Bouthiette • Joe Stevens • Sara Stotts • Julie Dunlap • Julie Weiner • Alexandra Moster • Alec Steinhorn • Jordan Knitzer • Sasha Bartol • Kathleen Gibson • Alex Petti • Gabriella Hirsch • Lori Maier
Meet the Composers!

GIRLHOOD is an original musical being developed specifically for performance in middle schools.

Featuring a large, mostly female cast, the show follows the lives of several girls from the beginning of middle school to the end of high school. Based on interviews with real girls, the show documents the journeys, struggles and joys young women face as they maneuver their way through school and life.

The show will premiere in Summer 2019 at Bravo Performing Arts, Oak Park, Illinois.

Designed as a Song Cycle with minimal dialogue, the music and lyrics are currently being developed by a diverse and exciting group of composers based on stories and characters created by producer, Larry Little.

Obtain the Rights!

GIRLHOOD the musical is available for you to perform in your theatre.