Some of our supporters have asked for an update on GIRLHOOD.  So, here goes:

23 –  Twenty-three people will write the songs for GIRLHOOD.  Since GIRLHOOD is a song-cycle (click HERE to learn more about song cycles), each song will be composed by one…two or three people.  We are really proud that the songs will vary in so many ways.  One composer team is writing a country- style song, one song is modeled after a Beyonce number and all will have a “Broadway” feel to it.  More details about these composers and lyricists coming soon.

20 –  The show will have about 20 songs. 90 minutes with or without an intermission – the show features girls in middle school in the first part and girls in high school in the second part.  The show ends with high school graduation.  Song titles currently include “Lunch in the Bathroom”, “Fake Friends”, and “My Mother and Me”.

Where did I get the song titles and ideas from?  I interviewed (and am still interviewing) girls (Click HERE for more information about that.) I, along with a female interviewer, have sat with small groups of girls or single girls and asked them a series of questions.  I have found these girls to be passionate, smart and sophisticated.   Their verbiage gave me ideas for songs.

7 –  There are seven main characters in the show.  For example, we are introduced to Violet – a brave, serious young girl.  Her love of poetry makes her stand out among her peers.  She is glib, focused and is intolerant of stupid mistakes.  She is also hysterical.   And then there is Harper, a middle child.  The negotiator, the fixer, the one that just wants everyone to be happy.  High achiever, hard worker and does not like conflict.  Harper is conflicted between doing the right thing and not causing waves.  Can you see the drama already?

Larry Little

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