As a story teller (that is really my strength, I am not a great writer), I love to listen to people’s thoughts and adventures.

One of the new musicals that CPA Theatricals is developing is a show tentatively called GIRLHOOD. It will be about the journey of girls from middle school to high school and to college.

Because I am not a girl (or in middle school) I have been conducting a series of interviews with girls and young women to gather their stories. As I listen to their thoughts, desires, fears, ambitions, critiques, wants, loves, etc. I am amazed at how similar the stories are and yet how unique and individual each one is.

I am also shocked about their intelligence. These young girls speaking in advanced vocabulary about complex ideas. One 12 year old girl told me something like, “I am more afraid of regret than failure.” That just blew my mind. Courage. Ambition. Many other words come to mind. And a song was born. That is how stories are created.

~ Larry Little, Producer

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