There is not a more accomplished athlete in the school than Morgan.  Morgan started running when she was 10 and now runs cross country as well as relays.  Her father has been training her for the last few years and devotes a lot of time to her. Morgan loves her father but feels pressured to be the best – to always come in first!  Morgan is smart and beautiful.  She is also angry and fearful.  She lashes out at other girls to make herself look good in front of others. But mostly it makes her look weak. Morgan is hiding an injury to her hamstring muscle in her left leg.  Her father knew about it initially but thought that after therapy it was healed.  It is not.  Morgan is afraid to tell anyone about it and still practices with the team and runs daily. Morgan and Judy were best friends in grade school.  No longer.


Judy is the one girl everyone makes fun of.  She is the butt of everyone’s jokes.  She is quiet at school but has a wicked sense of humor if you get to know her.  She eats lunch by herself so that she is not bullied, and finds peace knowing she has some privacy during the day.  Her mother is the only person that does not make fun of her and is her best friend.  She desperately wants to fit in.  And she wants her best friend, Morgan, back in her life.  After grade school, Morgan matured quickly and is now the most popular girl in the school.  That’s when she left Judy behind.


Melissa is a math nerd. She is obsessed with Einstein. She is a loner and does not have many friends. She lives with her mother and spends most of her time reading and figuring out obscure
advanced math problems. She believes her best feature is her feet – they are delicate and quite pretty. Her worst feature is her hair. It has a mind all its own. Even though she spends time to make it look good, within minutes it seems it looks like she just woke up. Thank God, she met Amber on the first day of middle school. They are now best friends. But what happens in high school? And it sure seems like Amber is hanging around Morgan and the mean girls an awful lot. What’s gonna happen?


Amber is the second generation of an immigrant family. She is under a lot of pressure at home to do well in school. She is a natural genius when it comes to algebra. It makes so much sense to her and she loves solving problems. Her mother was a one of the popular girls when she was in high school, and now, her mother expects Amber to follow in her path. Amber loves having Melissa as her best friend, but Morgan is being so nice to her. And being friends with Morgan has its benefits! Morgan is the most popular girl in the school!

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