GIRLHOOD is designed to be produced with a large cast. 

Here are the leading characters: 

Melissa – Melissa is a young, nerdy middle school girl.  She has “out of control” hair and simply cannot get it to behave.  She is a genius at math and loves doing it. She has very little ego and does not have a lot of friends.  She finds love and companionship in math. She meets Amber on her first day of Middle school and they become friends quickly because they are both nerds and are not well liked by other students.

Amber – Amber starts middle school as a nerd.  She comes from immigrant parents who take education very seriously.  They are strict with her and therefore she is sheltered. She meets Melissa on the first day of middle school and they become “Besties.” She is an algebra wiz. She is bullied by her classmates because of her homely appearance and her lack of participation in school events. Her final year in middle school one of the “mean” girls pays her a compliment and Amber starts to put time and money into her appearance.  Soon she discovers she is really a beauty and drops Melissa as a friend. Amber then becomes one of the “mean” girls.

Judy – is the “unique” one. She has always felt lonely and insecure.  When people look at her, they know she is different. She is made fun of constantly. But her spirit cannot be broken.  She knows she is here (for however long) for a purpose. She is fragile, but unbroken. Fierce yet scared.

Morgan – She is the “mean girl”….self assured, put together and admired.  But, underneath the strong exterior lurks an insecure, immature girl. She loves sports and is good at them.  She feels “alive” when she plays sports. She is a serious player and sometimes NOT a team player.

Meet some of the featured characters: 

Violet – Violet is a very serious 12 year old.  She loves poetry. She speaks in a monotone like manner.  She joins the poetry club on the first day of middle school and because no one else runs, she is elected the President.  She immediately tells everyone, “I don’t like people who interrupt, I don’t like people who use incorrect punctuation (even in texts).”  She is a deep thinker who is very smart, but at night she thinks about bad things that can go wrong in the world and cries herself to sleep.

Harper – She comes from a  family that has a lot of turmoil.  She is the middle child and her role is “negotiator”.  “Can’t we all just get along?” is her moto. She is a very easy going – lets make sure there is peace in the world. She does not like conflict and is not afraid to get in the middle of a fight. She is a high achiever and feels deeply.

Gertie – is very thin.  She wears large clothing to hide her body because her classmates make fun of her.  Even though she eats a great deal, she simply cannot gain weight. “I did not create this body, I was given it.” She also loves to eat.  ANYTHING….and at all times of the days. She loves crazy concoctions on pizzas and often carries food with her.

And many more!

AND…..there are fun roles for boys as well!

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